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Opalism is a school, a style the foundation of which was laid by academic artist Sakit Mammadov. Opalism word’s etymology was taken from the opal stone. This mineral stone that mean sparkling in ancient Greek striking appearance in Latin and as precious stones in Sanskrit, combining the colors just not are used like jewelry, but due to its medical, emergency and inspirational feature for thousands of years it is liked by the people. The warn color pattern in opal had won Sakit Mammadov’s admiration from the youth.

It is no coincidence that almost in all his works the colors of stone is found. However, artist tried to prove that no artist had invented a new pattern other than those gifted to the nature by the God.


In works of artist one can see that opal has very noble or blazing bolder, hydrofan type shades. However, the opal is emerged in the works created by the artist with gently drawing not like as type of gen but in dresses, head dresses, women’s jewelry and other belongings. So, opal emerges with a new form in boards created by the artist.


No doubt, the style created by the artist along with his followers will be continued in future by the hundreds, thousands of artists living and creating in different countries around the world.

However, the good mood and healing nature created by the stone is felt in human in the pictures.

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The fact of proud is that the Opalism school created by Sakit Mammadov is presented by the students of the artist with high professionalism.

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