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Sakit Mammadov is one of the most famous artists, whose works are in major art galleries and private collections around the world. His latest exhibition in London, which took place in the spring caused a furore among art critics. The artist himself was presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Sakit Mammadov has won hearts of thousands by his mastery of painting. He can even be called a master of colored paints, bringing light to darkness, calmness to anxiety and inspiration to reluctance....

Sun, passion and bright colors are the key tools of Sakit. The renowned artist has been able to grab headlines by his works. His paintings are full of energy. They create good mood in their viewers. They are filled with generosity and lively spirit. Mammadov's painting helps the viewer to feel the world, depicted by the artist's imagination. His paintings create a special atmosphere. At first glance, they might seem simple, but to look attentively, they seem more complicated and delicate. The works are both modern and traditional, powerful and delicate, complex and simple.


Mammadov's works have been featured in many prestigious galleries of the world in more than 60 countries. A portrait of Pope John Paul II can be definitely called as one of the artist's most famous paintings, as it brought Mammadov many proposals from Italy, Turkey and Georgia. Mammadov, however, rejected all these offers, because no one would know that the picture was painted by the Azerbaijani artist. And he was right. Now, this picture is hanging in the Vatican Museum. It has been donated to Pope on behalf of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a member of UNESCO Union of Artists, Mammadov pays special attention to Azerbaijan's Culture.

Awards & Nominations:
  •  Azerbaijan Honored artist of Azerbaijan

  •  Malta Officer's Cross of the Alliance of the Cavaliers - Knights of the International Maltese Order.[1]

  •  Russia Azerbaijani painters - man of the millennium.[2]

  •  Azerbaijan Medal Son of the Fatherland

  •  Turkey Winners of the exhibition, which is carried out at the Museum of the Palace Dolmabachtsche

  •  Germany Big Golden Ritterstern

  •  Azerbaijan Winners Dede Gorgud [3]

  •  Russia Academician of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts and the medal

  •  Germany Ordinary Member of the Academy of European natural sciences [4]

  •  Russia Ordinary Member of the World Academy of Arts

  •  Germany Honorable Professor EANS

  •  Malta Senator Stern of the International Knights Alliance

  •  Russia Medal Emperor Alexander 1 for the merits

  •  Italy Medal Leonardo da Vinci

  •  Germany Professor of the German Academy

  •  Austria Mozart Medal

  •  Russia Medal of the World Academy of Arts

  •  Germany European Order of Glory

  •  Russia Reward Faith 2010

  •  Italy Gold Medal Italy

  •  Germany Order of Friendship

  •  Russia Medal of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts [5]

  •  Portugal Reward Faith 2014 [6]

  •  France Big Goldener Stern

  •  China Winners of the International exhibition "In the name of peace"

  •  Azerbaijan Winner of the 3rd International Festival of the Arts in Gabala

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