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Sakit Mammadov presents his paintings in Turkey

Sakit Mammadov is an incredibly talented Azerbaijani artist who works hard to create beautiful art works. His paintings and other works have influenced countless artists and art lovers.

Art works of the world-famous artist are currently presented in Turkey. The exhibition "Opalism" is timed to the 60th anniversary of the artist. More than 160 paintings of Sakit Mammadov are showcased at the exhibition which highlights his contribution to national art.

The event is attended by prominent public figures, diplomats, representatives of culture and science, creative intelligentsia and youth.

The exhibition will last until October 5. The event is organized with the assistance of SOCAR Turkey.

The name of the famous national artist, the founder of the opalism art style is well known to art lovers far beyond the borders of Azerbaijan. In the works of Sakit Mammadov one can see that opal has very noble or blazing bolder type shades.

Saturated colors on the canvases of Sakit Mammadov, such as red, blue, bright yellow, glowing from the inside, fascinate fans of his art. His paintings heal, soothe, cherish the soul.

​Opalism is an art style, the foundation of which was laid by Sakit Mammadov. Opalism word’s etymology was taken from the opal stone.

This mineral stone that means sparkling in ancient Greek combines many colors. Due to its medical and inspirational feature, it is liked by many. The color pattern of opal won Sakit Mammadov’s admiration from the youth.

Sakit Mammadov has won hearts of thousands by his mastery of painting. He can be called a master of colored paints, bringing light to darkness, calmness to anxiety and inspiration to reluctance.

Artist's paintings are exhibited in the galleries of Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Australia and other countries.

Mammadov's works have been featured in many prestigious galleries of the world in more than 60 countries. The portrait of Pope John Paul II can be definitely called as one of the artist's most famous paintings, as it brought Mammadov many proposals from Italy, Turkey and Georgia.

Now, this painting is exhibited in the Vatican Museum. It was donated to Pope on behalf of Azerbaijan.


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