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Sakit Mammadov elected as EES senator

Updated: May 8, 2020 World-famous artist Sakit Mammadov has been elected as honorary senator of the European Economic Senate (EES). Sakit Mammadov became the first creative person from the CIS countries to be awarded this honor.

The election ceremony and the presentation of the honorary certificate were held in Turkey's Yeditepe University. In his remarks, President of European Economic Senate Ingo Friedrich noted the great contribution to Europe's cultural life, dialogue between politicians, businessmen and public figures.

Sakit Mammadov expressed his gratitude for the appreciation of his creative and social activities. The artist spoke about Azerbaijan's contribution to multiculturalism and tolerance in Europe, its path towards democratic values. Representative delegation of European Economic Senate senators viewed the exhibition dedicated to the artist's 60th anniversary at Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center. The exhibition titled "Opalism" was of great interest among viewers.

Mammadov won the hearts of thousands by his mastery of painting. He can even be called a master of colored paints, bringing light to darkness, calmness to anxiety and inspiration to reluctance. His masterpieces are among those that collectors want to get with great pleasure at the world museums, galleries, and the auctions.

The name of the famous Azerbaijani artist is well known to art lovers far beyond the borders.

The artist's paintings are exhibited in the galleries of Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Australia and other countries.

As a member of UNESCO Union of Artists, Mammadov pays special attention to Azerbaijan's culture. Opalism is a school, a style the foundation of which was laid by academic artist Sakit Mammadov. Opalism word’s etymology was taken from the opal stone.

The warm color pattern in opal had won Sakit Mammadov’s admiration from the youth. Almost in all his works the colors of stone is found. The fact of proud is that the Opalism school created by Sakit Mamedov is presented by the students of the artist with high professionalism.

The European Economic Senate (EES) is a neutral and independent body of enterprises and individuals that represent European business interests. The EES with its national sections in six EU-countries was founded in 2003. Currently, 162 companies and economic leaders form the EES.


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